The Men Of Justice (Part II)

Producer:Gary Tang | Kuang Jin Hong
Cast:Lawrence Ng | Amy Chan Sau Man | Kenneth Chan | Pinky Cheung | Lam Suet | Jo Koo

Attorney Tong Ka Ming (Ken Chan) has well connection with underworld gangster and police force. He all along thinks he can be an invincible attorney in the law court, not only because of his aptitude and wisdom, but also because of his orphan background. He has no astriction and worry for anyone. An underworld God Father is being arrested and hires Tong to be his counsel for defence. When Tong is ready to commit this front-page case, Sr. Prosecutor Fung Chi Ho (Ng Kai Wah) from Department of Justice also intends to hire Tong? to be his attorney for plaintiff simultaneously. How would Tong make his choice between the righteous and fame and gain?

Code Information Price
PART II (Ep.18-35 End)
DVD-9 – 4 discs
Audio : Stereo 2.0
Code : ALL
Language : Cantonese/Putonghua
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional)

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Update Date: 01/09/2013

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