Zombie Night

Director:David J. Francis
Cast:Danny Ticknovich | Sandra Segovic | Andrea Ramolo | Deanna, Wales

After a relaxing week in the country, Mark, Amber and daughter Emily are heading back to their home in the city.? The same city that Dave and his family are fleeing because the living dead are everywhere !!

Mark witnesses the ultimate nightmare as Dave?s family is killed and then returns.? While
trying to save Dave?s family, they meet a group of other survivors. The dead walk and hunt the living one by one? they must find a new haven for the nights when these zombies roam.

Nothing is safe for long! Mark is killed and his family is left in the care of Dave.? Dave overcomes the tragedies to lead the group in their new struggle ? not for money, or power ? but rather for the most basic human needs of SURVIVAL.

When Dave?s leadership falls under question and opposition to it, the carnage begins again and none of the survivors have any trouble figuring out that the food source ? is THEM!

Code Information Price
Audio : Dolby Digital 5.1
Code : 3
Language : English
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional/Simplified)/English
Audio : Stereo
Language : English
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional)/English

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Update Date: 01/10/2011

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