Messing 44 – The Final Stage

Director:Yasushi Koshizaka
Cast:Hitomi Usano | Tanno Tsubaki | Mirei Asaoka | Hiromi Nakata | Yo Kamiyoshihara

High school girl Miho has been kidnapped and brought into a mysterious school to be trained as a sex slave. She is offered as a product at the auction but remains unsold. She is about to be cast away but a man called Yamamoto saves her life. He has been carrying out secret surveillance on the human trafficking ring while looking for his missing lover. Meanwhile, Izumi, Asuka and Saki have been bought as slaves and endured hellish days as their owner?s sex toys. Yamamoto manages to kidnap a man named Arikawa who auctioned Izumi and threatens the human trafficking ring. But Yamamoto?s plan fails and he and Miho end up getting caught by traffickers. All five, including Miho, Yamamoto and Izumi are taken to an execution ground in the basement and tortured with a stun gun. This horrible sequence is being broadcast on the internet. Are they able to kill their friends to survive ? The final game begins !

Code Information Price
Audio : Dolby Digital 2.0
Code : 3
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional/Simplified)
Audio : Stereo
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional)

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Update Date: 17/10/2011

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