Patisserie Coin de rue

Director:Fukagawa Yoshihiro
Cast: Eguchi Yosuke | Aoi Yu | Toda Keiko | Kaga Mariko | Onoue Hiroyuki

Tomura was once widely lauded as a legendary patissier, but suddenly and inexplicably left the world of sweets some eight years before the setting of the film and repeatedly declined invitations to show off his skills at a renowned pastry shop in Tokyo where he is a regular. Since that time, Tomura has only lectured at culinary schools and wrote a guidebook for pastry critics.

Meanwhile, Natsume, the daughter of a Kagoshima bakery owner, travels from Kagoshima to Tokyo to find her boyfriend. She looked for a pastry shop named “Patisserie Coin de Rue” because she heard that her boyfriend works there. However, she finds out that he no longer works there, but none of the staff were willing to tell her where he went. She saw a recruitment notice, and she request for a job there until she can find her boyfriend. Initially reluctant to hire her, the store owner Yuriko reluctantly gave in when she saw Natsume’s resolve. There, Natsume works with a talented patissier Mariko, who disapproves of Natsume and gives her a hard time.

Later, Natsume discovers that her boyfriend had abandoned her and found another girl. Brokenhearted, she got drunk and staggers back to the patisserie. She decides to continue working at the patisserie despite the fact that she no longer had a boyfriend. She trains under the skilled Yuriko, and her skills gradually got better, to the extent that Yuriko had the confidence to give a sample of her patisserie to a regular customer and the critic Tomura. However, Tomura gives her patisserie a rating of zero.


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Code : 3
Language :? Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional/Simplified)/English
Special Feature : Trailer, Still Gallery
Audio : Stereo
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional/Simplified)
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional)/English

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Update Date: 01/07/2012

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