AV Idol

Director:Jojo Hideo
Cast:Ryoko | Yui TATSUMI

Here comes the brave, hot sexy idol! AV goddess Ryoko, who captivates Asian men?s hearts is getting tired of filming AV. When she hears that her next film is going to be made in Seoul, which is center of Korean wave, she feels somehow ominously. Sure enough,due to the insufficient production cost and inexperienced film crew, they face difficulties just upon arriving at the Incheon Int?l Airport. Whilst they get into all kinds of troubles, Ryoko accidentally meets Yuna, a wannabe idol star. Yuna mistakes Ryoko as a great idol actress. Ryoko lies to Yuna against her will and brings her to the AV film set. Meanwhile, the AV film director who is fascinated by Yuna?s freshness, casts her as the leading actress right away and plans a new ?AV film? starring Yuna. Are they going to finish the New Korean wave AV film after all?


Code Information Price
Code : 3
Language :? Japanese/Korean Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional/Simplified)/English
Audio : Stereo
Language : Japanese/Korean
Subtitle : Chinese(Traditional)/English

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Update Date: 01/09/2013

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