Ultraman Ginga 2 (Bluray Disc)

BD 2
Director:Abe Yuuichi // Haraguchi Tomoo
Cast:Negishi Takuya // Miyatake Mio // Oono Mizuki // Kirara // Kusakawa Takuya

7 – Monster Competition
A number of spark dolls are confirmed on the hills of Furuhoshi. A fierce battle follows between Hikaru, his friends and Alien Icarus over the spark dolls. Alien Icarus changes into Tyrant, a furious monster who goes on the rampage. After Ginga and Jean-Nine won the hard fought battle over Tyrant, they are now facing an even more powerful soldier of evil called Dark Zagi.

8 – The Closed World
While everybody else wears the school uniform at school, Hikaru is in his private attire. He feels uneasy but stays on instead of going back to England to join his parents. One day, Hikaru and his friends are swallowed up into a distorted space-time and get trapped at the Furuhoshi Primary School.

9 – The Stolen Ginga Spark
It turns out that Hikaru and his friends are not the only ones that are swallowed up into the distorted space-time. Misuzu’s father and his work pals are also forced to spend the night at Furuhoshi Primary School. When morning dawns monsters? howling echoes the sky, Hikaru reaches out for his Ginga Spark but cannot find it anywhere !

10 – The Jet Black Ultra Brothers
A jet-black Ultraman appears before Ultraman Ginga and attacks Ginga savagely while changing into the form of Ultra Seven. Ginga falls, and Hikaru loses consciousness. Monsters begin to show up and swarm into the Furuhoshi Primary School. Can the combined forces of Misuzu, Kenta and Chigusa stop them ?

11 -Darkness and Light
Alien Nackle takes advantage of the anger in Misuzu and turns her into the gigantic monster the Super Grand King ! To stop the monster from wreaking havoc onto the school, Hikaru transforms into Ultraman Ginga but realizes it?s Misuzu inside ! Can he thwart the monster without hurting Misuzu ?

12 – Your Future
The dark force- the Magus of Darkness who is responsible for turning all the Ultra warriors and monsters into dolls now shows his form. His name is Dark Lugiel ! The special waves he emits knocks down one person after another in the town of Furuhoshi and even the light from the eyes of Ginga goes out. Only Ultraman Taro is left out in his doll form. Is this the end of all human hope ?



Code Information Price
(epi.7-12) END
Produce Code :
EBD 0282
Barcode : 489-703339-639-4
Code : A
Language : Cantonese Dolby Digital 2.0
Japanese Dolby Digtial 2.0
Subtitle :Chinese(Traditional) /English
Aspect Ratio : Widescreen(1.78:1)

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Update Date: 03/12/2015

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