The Crazy Companies (Remastered Edition)

the crazy company
Director:Wong Jing
Cast:Andy Lau / Sandra Ng / Chingmy Yau / Idy Chan / Tong Lai Kau / Nat Chan / Stanley Fung

When Tsui Ting Kwai, a young Hong-Kong man trying to make it in America as a film extra learns that his father has died and left half of his fortune to him he travels back to Hong Kong. Upon arrival he learns that the money comes with the proviso that he must work his way up in the company for 6 months without getting into trouble; unbeknownst to him, his step-brother has hired the 3 worst managers in the company to try and bring him down.

Code Information Price
Produce Code :
EBD 0287
Barcode : 489-703339-648-6
Code : A B C
Language :Cantonese Uncompressed PCM 2.0
Mandarin Uncompressed PCM 2.0
Subtitle :Chinese(Traditional/Simplified) /English
Aspect Ratio : Widescreen(1.78:1)
Special Feature : Trailer
Language :Cantonese DD 2.0
Mandarin DD 2.0
Subtitle :Chinese(Traditional/Simplified) /English
Aspect Ratio : Anamorphic
Special Feature : Trailer

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Update Date: 21/01/2016

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