Hello Kitty & Friends Vol 2


#12 Let’s Play Instruments

KITTY and friends go to a shop where sell instruments.  AYASA, the manager of the shop, gives them various instruments: plucked instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments, and everyone has fun!


#13 Let’s See what Transportation Are There?

When KITTY is chatting with friends, HARRY suddenly shouts out that he sees a car in the air!  How can there be such a car?


#14 Let’s Draw Portraits Together

AMY and ERIC’s mother’s birthday is coming soon.  AMY makes a brooch with a shell as a gift, but ERIC doesn’t know what to give.  KITTY teaches ERIC to make a lovely gift to his mother.


#15Let’s Look for Different Kinds of Jobs

KITTY and friends see a postman. His job is to deliver letters, which makes them interested in learning different kinds of jobs.


#16 Let’s Follow the Rules When in a Friend’s House

After playing in the park, ERIC and HARRY go to KITTY’s house.  They didn’t ask for KITTY’s permission before they took drinks in the kitchen and they even did not wash their hands before they entered into KITTY’s room to play!


#17 Let’s Dance

When AMY and friends go to KITTY’s house, DANIEL is teaching KITTY to dance, AMY and ERIC want to dance too but HARRY doesn’t want to dance!  Why?


#18 Let’s Help Friends Out

ERIC wants to take a toy airplane from the toy box for HARRY.  ERIC is not strong enough to remove the things on top of the box, so KITTY helps ERIC.  AMY tells HARRY that friends should help each other like KITTY.


#19 Let’s Look for Circles, Triangles and Quadrilaterals Together

KITTY and friends are playing with blocks, which have circles, triangles and quadrilaterals.  They find shapes are interesting, so they go out and discover more!


#20 Let’s Learn Borrow and Return

ERIC borrowed a toy car from HARRY and had a great time at the park. When he goes home, he wants to bring HARRY’s toy car back to his home. This episode let us learn what to do after borrowing something from others.


#21 Let’s Take Care of Flowers

ERIC sees flowers bloom in the space. As flowers should be placed in the sun, ERIC plants flowers carefully at home’s garden.  Will the flowers continue to bloom?

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Code : 3 – NTSC
Audio :
Japanese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Cantonese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Language : Japanese/Cantonese
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional/Simplified)/English
Aspect Ratio : Widescreen 16:9 (1.178:1)

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