49 Days

Director:Louis Zhan
Cast: Lorene Jen, Lewis Liu,Tai Bo,

Daniel leads a VR company. He seems to have a peaceful life. However, the same nightmare enwinds him every night: A vision of a young lady dressed in red dress continuously appears. A timer counting-back from 49 mysteriously appears on his arm. People around him accidentally died one by one in brutal ways.


Yi-Zhen, a Criminal Police, suspects that Daniel is the murderer. In their search for the young lady dressed in red, Daniel experiences a tour to the hell with Taiwan Sorcery ‘Guan-Luo-In’.

EDVD0356                              Code  :  3 NTSC

489-703339779-7                  Audio : Mandarin – Dolby Digital 5.1

語言  : 國語對白                                            HKD 99

字幕  : 英文及中文(繁、簡體)字幕

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Update Date: 03/12/2020

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